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Hi. I’m Anders Schou.
I'm a Games Designer,

AP Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication awarded by Nordic Multimedia Academy (DK) (2012).
BA Degree (Graduated with First Class Honours) in Games Design awarded by University of Central Lancashire (UK) (2015)..
Currently undertaking an Msc Degree in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen (DK) (2015-2017).

Independent Game Designer since March 2012.
Currently working on contract basis for LEGO Systems A/S.

Rubik's Cube Concept

Personal Project - Commercial Release in Q2 2015

This concept and prototype is one of my personal favorites. It started as a research project, but the amount of interest and viral traction it managed to create made me take it a step further.
The game presents a gyroscope controlled experience, that requires the player to complete a range of mechanical puzzles (such as the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube).
This project is not yet commercially available.

Made in Unity3D

Left Behind

Personal Project

Left Behind is a third person adventure puzzle game. The game features a teleport system, that allows the player to teleport back and forth the two main characters, in order to progress through the levels.
The main focus of this game was to challenge myself in the form of traditional puzzle design in a controlled setting and enviroment, whilst presenting unique gameplay, and a calm and beautiful environment.

Made in Unreal Engine 4 & 3D Studio Max


University Honours Project

DIMENZ(I)EN is a first person exploration game that challenges the traditional control scheme and how players interact with digital experiences, as the game is entirely controlled by physical interaction with the mobile device.
The game takes place inside a very calm and mysterious ambiguous place, that forces the player to think outside the box (that might be inside another box).

Made in Unity3D & 3D Studio Max

X3B2 - Game Concept

University Assignment

X3B2: Escape is a first person Adventure and Management game, where the player is trying to escape a giant red entity that is destroying the universe.
The environments in the game are procedurally generated, which will always have the player face new challenges.

Made in Unity3D & 3D Studio Max

Me Vs Hero

"Advert Game" for Client

Me Vs Hero is a british band that asked me to do a small game that would function as a teaser for their latest album
The game features 12 unique levels, that function as a small layer of interactivity on top of each of the 12 new songs from the album.
I was the lead game designer and responsible for all the game logic, as well as taking on the role as the project manager with a team of 5 artists providing the visuals.

Made in Unity3D

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